Monday, August 27, 2007

Queit Strength - by Tony Dungy

I have never been one to think that a Superbowl winning NFL coach would write an amazing book, but he did. I was interested in it as soon as I heard Tony Dungy on Focus on the Family a couple weeks ago.

Tony's book isn't so much about football (although it is laden with NFL characters and stories) as it is about following where the Lord leads you.

I was inspired by this book. It is full of advice on how to live and on parenting. I recommend it to anyone who has time (it was a fast read, I did it in 2 days. OK. I should have been reading LIT books, but...) and I especially recommend it to fathers. I am having both Joel and Travis read it!


Kari said...

Would this book be of interest to my sons or is it more for parents? I like the boys to read inspirational books that challenge their faith.

suzzanne said...

I think it is good for the boys, too. Tony Dungy talks a lot about his mistakes and learning experiences when he was younger.
Coach J has my copy right now, but when he is done I will share with your family.