Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lift up your hands to Him for the life of your little ones

Arise, cry aloud in the night, at the beginning of the night watches; Pour out your heart like water before the presence of the LORD; Lift up your hands to Him for the life of your little ones. ~ Lamentations 2:19

We have a bedtime routine in our home. Every night about 7:45 Korey, Joel and I head upstairs. Korey cuddles into bed and I sit at his feet. Joel sits on the floor next to the bed and reads a daily devotional for children. We discuss it and answer any questions Korey may have. This part is hard for me, I struggle to keep quiet and let Joel provide the answers Korey needs. Each devotional ends with a prayer recommendation for the day, and we pray; Korey, then me, then Joel. During the past year of us being a family, Joel and Korey have gone from high-fives at bedtime to hugs, and occasionally, Joel even gets to kiss Korey on top of the head. Joel shuts off the light and heads downstairs. I have my 5 minutes of quiet time with my not-so-little boy. We tell secrets and share oodles of kisses. By this time he can't keep his eyes open.

The last thing I do before heading to my room is stop in Korey's for one last kiss on his warm sleeping cheek and one last prayer.

And the LORD spoke to Moses saying, "Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying, 'This is the way you shall bless the children of Israel. Say to them:

The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.'"

Numbers 6:22-26

This is my prayer for my little one. These six things I ask my Father for my son. Bless him. Keep him; keep him safe, keep him in Your arms, keep him as Your own. Shine Your face upon him; Father, let him reflect You. Be gracious to him; that includes Your mercy and compassion. Father, Your countenance will let him have Your appearance, others will look at him and see You. Peace, meaning harmony, tranquility, or serenity. If this is my only prayer you hear I will be content knowing that my little one, Your little one who you have bestowed to me as a gift, will walk with you always. Thank you, Father for trusting him to me.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Children's Books?

Shame on you J.K. Rowlings. You write imaginative books with a target audience of pre-teen children. You make millions of dollars off the books and movies. As the story progresses you bring grief to the hearts of millions, children and adults alike, by killing some of our favorite characters. but you have gone too far now. Albus Dumbledore is gay? And you out him after his death? How can I continue to allow my child to enjoy this story when you destroy our hero's hero in such a way? Did you think of all of the victims of sexual predators? Their predators will now use Dumbledore and Harry's relationship as an example of why what is happening is OK. I am sickened by your announcement last week. You claim to be a Chrisitan and yet announce Professor Dumbledore is gay. It never appeared so in any of the books, please don't allow (them) to put this image on film. Too many innocent minds are watching.

This December a movie titled The Golden Compass staring Niclole Kidman will be released. This is a mystical Chronicals of Narnia, Bridge to Tarabythia type of movie targeted to children also. The author, Phillip Pullman is an atheist. This is an anti-God movie geared to make children not belive in Him. Please protect your children and all those that you know. Click the link for more information.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scripture Exchange

Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. (Hebrews 12:1-2)
This was the daily devotional sent by Pastor Greg Laurie a couple of weeks ago and it really spoke to me. The title of the devotion was "Eyes on Him," but the line that stood out for me is "since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses." I can only scratch the surface on the "cloud of witnesses" surrounding me.
I can start with the obvious, the unbelievers or those I know that have wandered in their walk, my mom and sister, Grammie, Travis (my ex husband), close friends. Those that I pray for daily. I pray for their salvation, I pray that the Lord will draw them close. I pray that I can be a living example to them, that through me they may be drawn to the Lord. I see them as witnesses surrounding me. Then I goof up. I complain to my mom about some wrong that I see someone has committed against me. I blow my cork when I let Travis get under my skin. I gossip with my girlfriends. Here I am blowing my witness. How will they see the Love of Jesus in me? I try my best. I even apologize to them for putting the burden on them. The unbeliever doesn't understand what the apology is for, but I hope that someday they will understand. I don't want to be poor example of a Christian. Hopefully my apology can help them see His love. Maybe?
The other obvious witnesses are the children. The kids that I see every week at church, the kids that I teach in Children's Ministry. My friends' children. Korey. I can preach the gospel to them all day long, but unless I live my life according the Word, I won't have the right impact. Wouldn't we all rather "see a sermon than hear one?"
The less obvious witnesses are my church family. I need to remember to live in a way that will not "put a stumbling block in my brothers way" (Romans 14:13). I need to remember to smile, be cheerful. Not grumble. Live according to Jesus. I don't know what is going on in each persons mind, so try to be a light to them. Always remember to err on the side of grace. No easy task for me, but with His help and guidance I can only hope to improve each day.

Today's verse from Pastor Greg is "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:16) Thank you for sending that to me, Pastor Greg. That is what I have been trying to say here.
Turns out, Fran, that I am just as long winded as you are. Maybe more so!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Queit Strength - by Tony Dungy

I have never been one to think that a Superbowl winning NFL coach would write an amazing book, but he did. I was interested in it as soon as I heard Tony Dungy on Focus on the Family a couple weeks ago.

Tony's book isn't so much about football (although it is laden with NFL characters and stories) as it is about following where the Lord leads you.

I was inspired by this book. It is full of advice on how to live and on parenting. I recommend it to anyone who has time (it was a fast read, I did it in 2 days. OK. I should have been reading LIT books, but...) and I especially recommend it to fathers. I am having both Joel and Travis read it!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The End of a Friendship

"Hey i'm gonna ask someone else to be in the wedding because i think your schedule conflicts with whats going on. I will pay you for your dress and whatever else you bought. I still want you to come"

That was the text message I received at 5:13 this afternoon. Yes, you read that correctly, I got dumped in a text message. My first reaction was hurt. Hurt, obviously because I am no longer wanted by someone who 4 months ago considered me a good enough friend to ask me to be one of her 6 bridesmaids. Hurt because she TEXTED me. Hurt because after all the grief she caused me this time last year planning my wedding (she was my maid-of-honor), she can't forgive me for missing her shower this afternoon. Hurt because she beat me to it. Mostly hurt because I see this as what it is. An end of a friendship. Another door closed on my old life.

Once the initial shock of the text message (still a little bitter about the delivery) wore off I mostly felt relief. Last night I prayed about not going to the Bridal Shower. I originally told her I couldn't go today. We had our Annual Baptism and BBQ at Kayak Point and I wanted to go there with my family. Also, Korey was coming home after being on vacation for a week with his dad and I knew I would be missing him. After the invitation arrived I thought maybe I should go, and RSVP'd yes. That was my mistake. I should have left it at no, sorry. The anxiety started on Wednesday. I had plans to spend the day with my friend, who I haven't seen in months. I was excited. I turned down other people to go over to her place. Monday night she tried getting a hold of me. When I woke up Tuesday it was to a text message letting me know she had some other commitment. It was a good one, but I was still disappointed. It wasn't until Wednesday afternoon that I read her myspace and discovered she wasn't completely honest about why she canceled. The anxiety about the shower began.

After our conversation this afternoon when I called to let her know I couldn't make a ferry and I wouldn't be coming, I began to feel that I wasn't going to be in the wedding. We talked about my schedule for the next month, and about the planning that I offered to help with but was told no. I explained that a 3:00 Friday afternoon rehearsal might not work for me because I have to pick Korey up from school, but I would try to find daycare. I could tell she was hurt that I wasn't coming. I apologized again and told her I loved her. (I didn't mention that my maid-of-honor didn't come to my shower so I know how disappointed she was.) I had previously told her that I wouldn't be coming to her bachelorette party, because I didn't want to be around drunkenness and the behavior associated with it. I know my flesh well enough to know that would be a bad situation to put myself in. Thursday my daily Spirit 105.3 text message was "4 at 1 time u were darkness, but now u r light in the Lord. Walk as children of light! Ephesians 5:8-10" Reminding me that as a Christian those not walking with the Lord will not understand all of my choices.

At the baptism I sought the advice of a good friend who made me feel a peace and comfort I hadn't felt since Wednesday about the situation. On my way home I prayed. I came up with (I, yeah right, the Lord spoke to me) the solution. Tomorrow I will call her. (Tomorrow because I don't feel mature enough today and I know I will try to justify myself) I will explain how I feel. I will ask, Honestly do you want me in your wedding? Are we even still friends? Have we grown apart too much and are we now living in different worlds? I wanted to talk to her. Explain that I love her, but if she wants me out of the wedding I would understand. I would still be her friend. I felt good about that.

Joel read the message first. He has never read my text messages first before (unless he's picking on Kim). He held my hand and said you have a new message you better read. I knew what it was when he said that. I went in the other room and cried. And called my good friend I mentioned before and left her a voice mail. Within 5 minutes I was done with tears and felt a huge weight lifted. I will probably send her an email explaining how I feel and what I was going to say. Again, it will wait until tomorrow.

My God is awesome! He knows how I feel about confrontation. He saved me from a painful, drawn out conversation. I was asked on Thursday to teach in Children's Ministry this weekend. The lesson we taught was on Psalm 23. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for You are with me. Your rod and Your staff comfort me. We explained to the children that the "valley of the shadow of death" is anything scary that comes before us. He did comfort me in my valley. Of course He did. He is my Shepherd.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Kids Camp

I just returned home from a wonderful week at Kids Camp. (OK, I got home Thursday afternoon, but I am just now caught up on my sleep.) (I obviously took a break from writing this. I started a LONG time ago.) It was so wonderful, I don't even know where to begin. This camp in an annual event that our church puts on. It is designed for 9-13 year olds and we had about 35 kids there this year.

First, the greatest blessing to me was the 6 young girls that the Lord entrusted to my care. I had met each of them before this week, but I really got to know them at camp. The girls I had were all between 11 and 13, so there wasn't a huge age difference, but personality wise, that's a different story. I had two quiet girls, Emily and Jessica. Both a lot like myself at that age; more into books then giggles and gossip. It took some prodding, but I got them both to open up and chat a little bit with me. Arielle, Karina and Jaimey seemed to get along really well. Pretty social and outgoing, but not ready to act "all grown up" like some of the other girls at camp. I also had Briana in my care. She wants to be on her own, trying to act mature, but when she wasn't paying attention, I would catch a little vulnerability in her that she tries so hard to hide. The girls were supposed to be using the buddy system and most of the week they paired up: Arielle and Jaimey, Emily and Karina, Briana went off with the girls from the other cabin (they were all 13 like her and interested in giggling at boys) and Jessica hung out with the adults. She blended so well with us that it was hard to remember at times that she is only 13. I also spent time getting to know the girls in the other cabin: Mandy, Tera, Alex, Brooklyn, Kami, and Mattie. I had the opportunity to help mend a riff between two of those girls who have a rocky friendship. I think at age 12 most, of our friendships are rocky. But they remembered they love each other and why and were able to spend the rest of the week together. Sunday when we arrived at camp I went to all the girls and let them know I had just about anything they may need: sunscreen, bug spray, band-aids, and of course pads and tampons if they should unexpectedly start. Of course if one does, we all do, so the latter came in handy for just about all the girls at camp. One girl actually started for the FIRST time, and that of course meant a call home to mom. I thought anyone would have to be crazy to volunteer to spend that much time with that many pre-adolescent girls. Turns out, I was right. And I can't wait to go again next year.

I took Korey with me to camp, and I had weeks of stressing about it. Korey doesn't do overnights at friends houses. He likes to be tucked in. We pray together at night. All of this camp stuff was overwhelming and scary to us both. My next blessing came in the form of two teenage boys, Christian and Todd. As soon as they found out Korey is only 7, not 10 as they were thinking, they became extra sensitive to his needs and helped make sure he was included. Todd and Christian were great with all the boys, but they have a place in my heart for helping with Korey so much.

I was very blessed to spend the week at Kids Camp. Thank you for trusting your children to me. I can't wait to do everything again next year, yes, even the rope swing!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter

I am a Harry Potter fan. I have been reading the books since Korey was born, longer than they have been the phenomenon that they are today. I started out by reading them out loud as I nursed or rocked Korey to sleep. As he has gotten older I still read them, but his attention span has shortened and with the movies... Anyway, we are Potter fans. I love reading about the challenges the children face as they grow, the imaginary magic, the battle of good vs. evil. I usually read the books in 2-3 days because I can't put them down, and usually I re-read the entire series before the release of a new book. (Not this time, far too busy.)

Recently, a Christian women expressed her concern to me about Korey's interest in Harry Potter. I kind of shrugged it off at the time, but it has been nagging at me for a couple of months. After asking a few Christians, both from my church and others it seems that I am the ONLY Christian that enjoys the fiction that J.K. Rowling has created and as far as I can tell, the only one who lets (read that as encourages) my son to enjoy it as well. This of course has me doubting my skills as a mom. I have done a lot of thinking on this over that last few months and I have some thoughts.

I have never, even before my Christian life, considered the Harry Potter series to encourage readers to partake in the occult or Wicken or any of those crazy things. I have always viewed it as entertaining fiction. Nothing more, nothing less. I guess for me, the key word is fiction. I know the difference between imagination and reality.

I don't know the difference between the magic in Harry Potter and the force in Star Wars or the magic in the Lord of the Rings. Lets compare it to Star Wars, which I also love. They both are a battle between good and evil. Light and dark. Maybe a difference is children and adults. In Harry Potter the main characters start at age 11 and the 7 year series takes them through high school. Star Wars begins with Anakin, age 6 and jumps ahead through the years until he has a teenage son. Light Sabers vs. Magic Wands. Space Creatures (Jabba the Hut, Chewbacca, Yoda) vs. Mystical Creatures (House Elves, Giants, Werewolves). When I analyze it I don't see much of a difference.

I was playing around online today and found a link to an article written in a British newspaper titled Use Harry Potter to Spread Christian Message. I wouldn't go quite that far with it, as the person who created this study guide also created one for the Simpson's cartoon series, but the author does bring up another point: J.K. Rowling's characters and magic are not that different from those that C.S. Lewis created.

I have always believed that when children are exposed to any media it should be under the supervision of their parents. We are to help explain concepts and remind them of what is real and what is pretend. And in my own family, the first think Korey said as we were leaving the theater after seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was, "Mom, do those guys who do good things get to go to Heaven, too?" On the ride home we talked about Jesus and the only way to salvation.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Child of God

I have heard it said that children can't be "spiritual." Whatever! I am blessed by Korey. He loves the Lord with all his heart. Most of our conversations somehow come back to Him. On the news this morning was all the ridiculous hoopla over Paris Hilton being released from jail. Korey says, "All this because she's a movie star?" I pointed out to him that she isn't a movie star, she just has a lot of money. Korey says, "That's bragging, I bet God doesn't like that." Very perceptive for only being 7. Right before the Paris story, was the story of Seth Cook, who died Friday. In an interview with Seth, he mentioned that he was excited to get to Heaven. Korey said that he is happy that Seth knew the Lord and is in Heaven with Jesus. He has such insight.

I try to have my quiet time in the mornings before Korey gets up, but most days he comes down while I am praying. Most days he shares my quiet time. We have been reading the book of John. And I think I get more out of it when he is with me. He becomes very engaged. He asks questions, he guesses what will happen next. A couple times he has asked me to skip ahead and read about when Jesus dies and gets resurrected. When we finish reading from John, we move to Judges. This is a book full of stories for little boys. Wars, battles, hand-to-hand fights. Gideon, the littlest of the littlest being raised up. He loves these stories. Then he reminds me, "Mom, don't forget a Psalm." And we finish with reading a Psalm. I read to him, then he reads it to me. It is our quiet time.

I have been under the very self-centered impression under the last few months that when Korey asked me why we didn't go to church that God was talking to me through him. It wasn't until recently that it occurred to me that Korey needed God as much, maybe more, as I did. Over lunch yesterday we heard Brandon Heath's I'm Not Who I Was and we talked about how we are all new in Christ. I asked him if he saw a difference in me, and he said he did. I smile more, I'm not a cranky mom anymore, and I don't cry as much. Again, I had no idea he was so perceptive. He also said to me, that he is happier. He told me he used to be mad. He said he was mad about his parents being divorced. He was mad about our apartment, and not being able to play outside much. He said he just felt mad all the time. And now, he is happy. He told me he feels God with him all the time.

And I know he does. We have started riding our bikes. He calls them our "journeys." When we go on these journeys, he likes to sing. At the top of his voice, peddling through the neighborhood he sings I Can Only Imagine, Open the Eyes of My Heart, B-I-B-L-E, I Am a C-H..., and several other Christian songs, both on the radio and songs he learned at school. I love the way he just belts out his worship, for all to hear.

Ephesians 6:4 tells us, "Fathers do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord." In so many ways my child is training me in the way of the Lord. I only pray that I can show him as much as he shows me.

Thank you, Father, for blessing me with such a loving, spiritual child. Lord, help me to be as carefree with my love for You as he is, both for You and me. Amen.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I didn't go to church today. I said I didn't feel well. I actually feel awful. Not physically, but emotionally I am a wreck. I think it started yesterday morning with a note on myspace from someone I never want to talk to again. There it was. Just a "Hey" with a request to be my "friend." How many times in how many different ways do I have to tell this person, "No, we are not and will not be friends?" I spent the day looking over my shoulder, sure he was going to find me. And worse, out me. Out me to my husband, to my new friends, telling them all what a fraud I am. I read Fran's blog. It made me feel better. For about an hour or so. Then I cam crashing back down. An off hand comment from my husband (who absolutely had no idea what he was saying or what I had been going through all day, he would never intentionally say something to upset me) sent me backwards. Back to the feelings of complete worthlessness I felt before I knew him. Before he showed me Jesus. I was up half the night, feeling like I don't belong. I don't belong here in this marriage, here in this church, here in this relationship with the Lord. It all belongs to someone else. Someone more deserving.

I think this all starts with my week of mixed emotions. It was Korey's first week of summer vacation. The first one I have got to spend with him in 4 years. We had a lot of fun this week; we rode our bikes swimming, and to the library, and on a picnic. Spent time with our cousins. It was lots of fun.

The down side of all this fun was the baby shower. Or baby showers. Just one this week, but three in the past few months. I have hosted them all. And with each one I get a little more bitter. I have a little less fun. And I cry a little more at home when they are done. When will it be my turn? Why does it feel like every one around me can have a baby and I can't? I talk to the mom's-to-be with love and feigned interest in their pregnancy stories. I hold the babies at church. I even love these moms. But, please, Lord, please can it be my turn? Not this month.

The past few weeks I have really been wondering what I am called to do. Should I go back to school so I can teach? Should I find a job to help support my family in the lifestyle we are accustomed to? Do I continue to help Pastor Dave as his sort-of secretary? Do I just try to be a homemaker? I say try because I am really not good at it. I'm not crafty. I don't keep it clean the way I should. I can't really cook. I feel like I am not qualified for the job I have now. People say do what you enjoy. I enjoyed being pregnant. I enjoy being a mom. Soon Korey will be back in school, then what? No child at home to be a mom to.

Sitting on the couch this morning, listening to the radio while my poor husband tries to console me, He spoke to me, like He has so many times before, through Casting Crowns:

I was sure by now,
God You would have reached down
And wiped our tears away
Stepped in and saved the day
But once again, I say "Amen"
And it's still raining

As the thunder rolls
I barely hear You whisper through the rain
"I'm with you"
And as Your mercy falls
I raise my hands and praise the God that gives and takes away

I am reminded of how He gives and takes away. I go back 10 weeks to the joy I felt when I discovered I was pregnant. And the pain at losing the baby, having only known for 5 days.

I'll praise You in this Storm
And I will lift my hands
For You are who You are
No matter where I am
Every tear I've cried
You hold in Your hand
You never left my side
And though my heart is torn
I will praise You in this storm.

I lift my eyes into the hills
Where does my help come from
My help comes from the Lord
The maker of Heaven and Earth

I am trying to understand what He has for me, "For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "Plans to to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you," declares the Lord, "and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile." (Jeremiah 29:11-14)

As I re-read all of this I realize that there is no real flow to it and that my train of thought took off. But that's how I feel. If I seem distant this week, just try to remember where I am, and love me anyway.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I KNEW it!

I have always known I am the smart one! ...LOL

First born are smarter!

Friday, June 15, 2007

I just blew a kiss to God...

Who knew something so sweet and innocent could have such an effect one me? Let me start by saying that every morning, when I drop him off at school Korey gets out of the car and blows me a kiss. He hasn't always done this. As a matter of fact until December he was walked into YMCA daycare on site at the school. I didn't even get to take him to school everyday. Somedays his dad would take him. For months I would go 3 or 4 days a week without seeing him. It seems so far in the past now that I sometimes forget how blessed my life has become. I digress...

The first blown kiss was in late January. We had our normal drive to school. We listen to Scott and Sam on KCMS and sing along with whatever is playing. We listen to the Ah-Um game and after that we turn off the radio and pray. This usually happens somewhere during the congestion in downtown Everett when I definatley need prayer the most. This particular morning was foggy and gloomy (remember January? I am surprised it wasnt' snowing.) However, we went around the big corner southbound I5 between the 41st Street exit and the Boeing Freeway and the sun broke out of the clouds and it turned into a beautiful day. The sun isn't what made it so beautiful.

We pulled into the parking lot at Korey's school and pulled up to the curb. He leaned forward and gave me a kiss and an "I love you, Mom" and hopped out of the car. After about to little skips toward the school he turned and blew me a kiss. That small gesture stayed with me all day. It kept a silly smile on my face until I was able to see him again at 2:30. Such a sweet thing, for him to blow me a kiss as a reminder of how much he loves me. Of course, I told him how special it was when I picked him and it intstantly became routine. Every morning he hops out of the car, takes two steps and turns and blows me a kiss.

Imagine my delight this afternoon when we were laying on my towel after an afternoon on the Slip N' Slide. (Only Korey, I kept myself safely in my lawn chair, yearning to run and slide, but imagining the iminent body cast that would follow.) Korey was looking up at the clouds chattering on and on about what he sees in the clouds, when he says, "Mom, guess what? I just blew a kiss to God. Do you think He got it yet or is it bouncing around His palace trying to find Him?" I assured him, that God was watching and the kiss arrived safely. Matter of factly he replies with, "No, Mom, one of His angels just delivered it to Him. Look he wrote I love you in the clouds to me." I looked up, and sure enough, right above us was a cloud formation that looked like loopy cursive handwriting.

We tell Him we love Him everyday, but how often do we stop to blow kisses? How will He respond to me if I take the time to blow Him a kiss? I know how much it means to me when my son does it, imagine how much it means to Him? He wrote "I love you" in the clouds for Korey. What will he say to me?

Friday, June 8, 2007

7 Random Things

Well, my dear friend Kim tagged me on this meme thing of 7 random things about MeMeMe so lets see how interesting I am...

1. I grew up in Southeast Alaska, Juneau. My childhood home was about 2 miles from Mendenhall Glacier, where we spent our summers. I don't know how familiar you are with glaciers, but they are cold (ginormous ice blocks tend to be) with lakes in front of them. So when it got to 60 degrees in the summer time (that was my mom's minimum allowed temperature to play in any kind of outdoors water, sprinkler included...unfair) we would load up our backpacks and hop on our bikes and ride up to the glacier to go swimming. The best part of this was all of the tourists from the "lower 48" snapping pictures of the crazy "Alaska Natives" swimming in the glacier. I just new that I would be famous someday. I was in fact featured in "Alaska" magazine when I was 6. The caption read, "Robin Sheppard and son." My fame was short lived.

2. I am a Star Wars junkie. Now, not as bad as those that buy Storm Trooper costumes on Ebay and stuff, but I have seen all six of the movies in the theater, starting with A New Hope when I was 2. Mom and Dad carried me in and I was hooked. More recently, I have been to the midnight opening of all three of the new ones. When Episode 3, Revenge of the Sith opened my sister and I got in line at 9:30 for the 12:00 showing. While waiting (and there were about 30 of us) a group of "Barbies" walked by giggling and saying, "Look at all the dumb Trekkies waiting for that stupid movie to open." This was followed by an uncomfortable silence until I said, "We are actually here to see Star Wars. Whose the dumb one now?" They sure felt stupid! Yes, deep down I am truly that much of a nerd and that mean. Shhh... Don't let my secret out.

3. While we are on the subject of how nerdy I am, I was (OK still am) a HUGE New Kids on the Block fan. My bedroom walls and ceiling were plastered with posters from Tiger Beat and Bop. There was a time when I could tell you the birthdays, astrological sign, home town and favorite foods of John, Jordan, Donny, Danny and Joey. Sadly, living in Juneau, I never got to see them in concert. I have seen every movie that Donny Wahlberg is in. I am working on getting over this obsession, but I can only do it Step by Step.

Good Grief... what else can I think of? I told you I'm not that interesting.

4. Like Shanny, I too love chocolate covered gummy bears. They are so chocolaty and chewie. You can't buy them in packages, only bulk, so you have to eat way too many of them at once. I like anything chocolate really. Or caramel. Or peanut butter. Or any combination there of. Pretty much, except ketchup, if it has sugar, I love it.

5. OK, here's one... and this is difficult to share. Are you ready? Deep breath. I like my mother-in-law. There I said it. It's out there. I enjoy spending time with her, and oh boy, this is huge, I want to be more like her. She has a degree in Home Economics from Washington State University (that lapse of judgement aside) and is a fantastic home maker. She cooks, she sews, she has wonderful spiritual insight and just all around good advice. My in-laws live a very simple life. They don't fill their lives with stuff, just the Lord and each other. Example; the flooring, walls and furniture are the same as in the pictures of the day they brought Joel home from the airport (that's where the stork dropped him off.) I would like to be not-so-needy and be able to simplify. I pray daily for this in my own life, (OK, I need new carpet at least once in 30 years) but I am far too materialistic. They have gone to the same church for 35 years (got that, Shannon, you will never be rid of me!) and lived in the same house in Sultan for just as long. Come to think of it she isn't that different from lots of the ladies at Calvary Chapel Marysville. Oh, to be like you.

6. I never graduated from high school. We moved from Alaska to Astoria, Oregon in August, three days before I started high school. I never fit in with the logging, commercial fishing, Copenhagen chewing, four wheeling, small town crowd. I didn't make good friends, which helped me to not make good choices and in November of my junior year I dropped out. In January I went to the community college and took the GED test (which I scored 98.7% on by the way) and enrolled in classes. I never finished that either, but it got me away from the wrong group of people.

7. In May of 2006 I quit chasing my tail and let Jesus find me. I started attending Calvary Chapel Marysville in April, not really sure what to expect, or what I was looking for, but I found it. On the first Sunday in May I made the biggest choice of my life. Sitting there with the communion elements in my hand I knew I had two choices 1. Discreetly toss them after the service (this was honestly the way I was leaning.) or 2. Give my life away to the Lord. I closed my tear filled eyes, and there sitting with Hannah and Alicia (I believe Joel was golfing) with out telling anyone, I took my first communion. I was so filled with the Spirit I couldn't stand and sing the closing song. I sat and let silent tears fall. I didn't share this with anyone until February when I felt the overwhelming urge that I needed to be baptized before August. I met with Pastor Dave, and scheduled my baptism. I scheduled it for the last Sunday in April following the Women's Retreat. This retreat was amazing for me. On Saturday before we left the retreat we had communion. We took the elements while Elaina and Sylvia sang "Who Am I?" and I felt the same filling of the Holy Spirit as I did a year ago when I accepted my Lord and Savior. The following day, my husband and I were baptized together in Lake Stevens. I definitely am a new woman in Christ.

There you go, 7 Random Things about Me! For more fun check out Shannon, Kim, Cora, Fran and Nancy.

And May the Force Be With You!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Venturing out...

So I dabbled a little bit on, but here I am now. I am an official blogger! Don't expect great things yet. Give me time.