Thursday, October 25, 2007

Children's Books?

Shame on you J.K. Rowlings. You write imaginative books with a target audience of pre-teen children. You make millions of dollars off the books and movies. As the story progresses you bring grief to the hearts of millions, children and adults alike, by killing some of our favorite characters. but you have gone too far now. Albus Dumbledore is gay? And you out him after his death? How can I continue to allow my child to enjoy this story when you destroy our hero's hero in such a way? Did you think of all of the victims of sexual predators? Their predators will now use Dumbledore and Harry's relationship as an example of why what is happening is OK. I am sickened by your announcement last week. You claim to be a Chrisitan and yet announce Professor Dumbledore is gay. It never appeared so in any of the books, please don't allow (them) to put this image on film. Too many innocent minds are watching.

This December a movie titled The Golden Compass staring Niclole Kidman will be released. This is a mystical Chronicals of Narnia, Bridge to Tarabythia type of movie targeted to children also. The author, Phillip Pullman is an atheist. This is an anti-God movie geared to make children not belive in Him. Please protect your children and all those that you know. Click the link for more information.


Kim said...

How disturbing to hear about the Harry Potter books.

I heard about The Golden Compass also through Gina. One of the goals of the movie is to get the kids to read the books, which are just sickening. If you know of any petitions to sign or anything like that, please let me know.

Here are a few other links:

Sylvia said...

I have also read a warning that my sister sent me about The Golden Compass. They say that the first movie will be very benign to draw kids in, then they will get more anti-God as they progress. According to what I read, Pullman wants to "kill God in the hearts and minds of all children." Pretty sick.